High quality candles
and luminaries - any size,
any color.

...Our designs, sizes and quality products have made us popular with interior designers and decorators around the world. Our luminaries, stone vessels, glass chandeliers, floral centerpieces and candles have been selected to decorate everything from the Ritz Carlton Hotels to upscale restaurants and elaborate corporate events. Designers appreciate the simplicity of our designs and uniqueness of each individual product. Our wax luminary vessels are popular because the candle centerpieces provide a lasting glow that creates a feeling of elegance and romance. Since they are offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, designers are only limited by their imagination and creativity.

...Our candles are also a popular item since they can be ordered in any size or color to produce a perfect match for the room or venue. Clients especially enjoy the features of our high-quality candles such as: long burn time, no drips, no soot or smoke, hearty flame and excellent burn characteristics. Our candles can be ordered in any size, color and fragrance. Any size from small votive candles to solid candles that are 6 feet tall. Although we offer many shapes, the most popular shape for candles is the round pillar. If a pantone number or sample of fabric is provided to us, we can match the color with 95% accuracy. Since all materials and production occurs in the US, we can easily create custom pieces according to your needs and specifications. Lastly, aside from looking great, our products are considered by many to be a higher quality than the competition.